After three straight days of snowfall, LeConte has become a winter wonderland.  Strong winds from the night before reshaped the snow and ice, forming horizontally off of tree branches and buildings.  Unable to begin airlifting supplies, I had the afternoon to explore what Mother Nature had done to the mountain away from the lodge.  It was still cloudy and going anywhere meant pushing through the deep snow.  I broke trail for a group of us all the way to High Top.  The notable rock cairn was almost entirely hidden by a snow drift.  After building a snowman at the LeConte Shelter, the clouds actually began to break and we could see blue sky for the first time in a while.  The deep blue provided a picturesque backdrop for the white that adorned the trees.  With the boost in morale, we were excited to break trail all the way to Cliff Tops.  The clouds still blocked the views but it was refreshing to have a change of pace in regards to the weather.  Shortly after returning to the lodge the clouds returned and all was as it was before.
Bright white meets deep blue at Cliff Tops
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