I am in the midst of revisiting my journal entries to fill in the narrative of those only with pictures from August of last year to present.  I will post the dates and names of the entries I have recently done here so it will be easier for you to find them.  Click on a link below and enjoy!

4/23/11 - *Pending
4/22/11 - *Pending
4/21/11 - *Pending
4/13/11 - *Pending
4/11/11 - *Pending
3/8/11 - *Pending
3/7/11 - *Pending
2/8/11 - Just Another Reminder
2/7/11 - Taking it Down a Notch
2/6/11 - It's quiet...too quiet...or is it?
2/5/11 - Kicking Off 2011
11/17/10 - The Final Push before the Final Week
11/16/10 - Don't Let the Name Fool You
11/15/10 - A Season Winds Down while the Miles Rack Up
11/2/10 - *Pending
11/1/10 - *Pending
10/31/10 - *Pending
10/30/10 - *Pending
10/21/10 - *Pending
10/20/10 - The Roads and Trails Less Traveled
10/19/10 - *Pending
10/18/10 - *Pending
10/5/10 - Where there's Smokemont, there's Fire.
10/2/10 - *Pending
9/26/10 - How Deep is Too Deep?
9/25/10 - *Pending
9/15/10 - Rusted from the Rain
9/14/10 - Upping the Ante
9/13/10 - *Pending
9/1/10 - *Pending
8/31/10 - Falling Flat
8/30/10 - "Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around!"
8/17/10 - All Bark and No Bite
6/18/10 - *Pending
Entry about my bushwacking trek up to Greenbrier Pinnacle coming soon.
Choosing not to conform, I would hang a left under that lowered rhododendron.
A view of Mount Kephart and The Jumpoff without obstruction, somewhere above Devils Den.
One of many blowdowns I had to navigate over, under, or around on this hike.
The trail skirts the edge of a rocky ledge before it turns into the woods for the remainder of the hike.
Though I could see Mount LeConte the entire way, this was probably the clearest view I could get through the trees.
Broken chunks of concrete and foundation stones are all that remains of the old firetower.
Journal about my first hike of many the rest of the year, a 21 mile jaunt from Abrams Creek campground to Parsons Branch Road, coming soon!
The drive along the Foothills Parkway was yet another fine winter wonderland.
The long bridge that barely sits over Abrams Creek.
A massive tulip poplar sits beside the path on Hannah Mountain.
Plants in the shaded slopes were still stuck with snow.
Near the beginning of Rabbit Creek Trail there were grand displays of daffodils.