With the opportunity to get in a morning hike before my return to the Lodge, I wanted to fit in one more good wildflower hike.  I knew that Chestnut Top Trail was renowned for its floral display later in the month, but wondered what might be going on right now.  Those familiar with the trail realize that the majority of the wildflowers appear within the first half mile.  Right at the gate, white erect trillium were gracing the slopes in full bloom.  Moving up the trail, clusters of purple violets were intermixed with star chickweed, toothwort, yellow trillium, bishop's cap, bloodroots, and rue anemone.  Past the mega wildflower zone there were stretches of trailing arbutus and yellow violets.  The rest of the trail was a treat, despite the warm temps, because of its smooth ascents and constant views across the valley to the north with Thunderhead Mountain providing the backdrop.  I certainly look forward to returning here later this month to see what else spring has to offer.
4/5/2010 09:47:54 am

Hey, John! Your pictures are wonderful. I am so itching to come down there. Sounds like you are having a good time, enjoying the mountains whenever you can get on the trails.


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