What better way to kick off the spring season than with a hike out on Porters Creek in early April.  There was a chance of showers, supposedly, but nothing ever happened except mostly cloudy skies.  Fine with me.  I was worried that the strange winter weather would delay a lot of the wildflowers from kicking into gear.  Fortunately, I wasn't disappointed.  Even before the parking lot, there were tons of bloodroot, violets, and budding yellow trillium.  About a quarter mile in where the trail rises high above the creek, I found three wild geraniums toward the bottom of the hillside.  If you weren't looking closely, you would have easily missed them.  Straight through to the homestead, yellow and purple violets and yellow trillium were the norm.  The real treat came after the long footbridge.  Rue anemone, spring beauties, trout lilies, and dutchman's breeches abound.  Each bloom so small and so intricate but in great abundance across the lush green slopes.
          Further up near the falls, there were a few large flowered white trilliums that were budding and some were just beginning to open up.  The rocks scattered between Fern Branch Falls and the trail were covered in spring beauties.
A small cluster in what seemed infinite Spring Beauties.
          A fabulous start for my first official spring hike of the season!  To see the rest of the photos from both of my spring hikes along Porters Creek click here.

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