One cure for getting rid of so much snow...rain!  With temps above the freezing mark, its just what LeConte got.  The mountain would spend the entire day in the clouds with passing showers and rumbles of thunder, but I wasn't about to let it dampen my spirits.  Another good thing about rain and melting snow, the rivers and waterfalls receive a boost.  That afternoon, one destination came to mind...Rainbow Falls.  I had plenty of time to make it there and back, and I had the gear to weather the storm.  Much to my surprise, the snow had melted off about a quarter mile past the junction with Bull Head.  Rocks, roots, and blowdowns were the norm, but I didn't mind because it wasn't snow for once.  The lower I got in elevation, the more I was reminded of spring's presence.  The green ground cover was filling in and there were a few splashes of sunlight when I dropped below the cloud ceiling.  When I reached the falls, the water roaring over the cliff was the most I had ever seen in all my trips there.  It was nice to relax in a spring like environment and take a much appreciated break from my usual snowy surroundings.

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