It pays to do your research.  Think The Boulevard is the easiest way to and from LeConte?  Oh, but it was the least elevation gain! Yeah, sure, add snow into the mix and it instantly becomes the worst way.  Exhibit A - section of trail that navigates around Myrtle Point.  It was a clear day, making for great views over the valley and into North Carolina.  But the trail conditions here were a bit unnerving.  The majority of the way was like walking a tight rope, but unlike what I had experienced on Bull Head, these stretches were on cliff edges with little or no vegetation to hold on to.  Whatever cables existed were completely buried and little foot traffic meant a narrow pathway around hazardous ledges.  It would take several minutes just to move a couple feet because it was important to establish a good foothold and secure pole placement.  It was nice to finally reach the south side of the mountain where the snow had melted away.  Normally, that big landslide is the scary part.  This time, it was a welcome relief!  I chose to go as far out as Anakeesta Knob and back.  The snow along the spine that connected the knob to LeConte was void of snow but had several blowdowns yet to be cleared.  I ran into a family of four that had spent the previous night at the Lodge.  I couldn't believe that they made it around the mountain unscathed, but was glad to see they had.  They were in the clear while I had to make my way back through that mess.  I made it back without a fuss, and even managed to sun myself at Myrtle Point for a bit.  

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