Happenings at the Lodge were getting into full swing, and with fresh snowfall the night before, I chose to get away that afternoon and look on the mountain from the outside.  To go somewhere far would have been time consuming and risky, but the Rocky Spur overlook along Rainbow Falls Trail would give me just the perspective I needed.  The snow all the way to the junction with Bull Head Trail was well trodden but not entirely packed, leading to the occasional step that left one waist deep in snow.  After that point, the sun was melting the snow off the trees rapidly and it seemed as though it was raining the entire trek down.  Nobody had been to the overlook recently, so I had the chance to break trail here as well.  It was great to finally look up to the mountain on which I was living the past week and a half and see how it looked with so much snow from the outside.  The entire northern face was glazed in a bright white and the clouds had broken for a few hours to provide a nice blue backdrop. 

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