After not hiking for an entire week due to work and weather, it was time get the legs churning again.  I also wanted to start the month of May off with a bang, a time of year I have never been in the park.  To say I'm excited about this month would be an understatement.  That morning the mountain saw rain and clouds, but around lunch time the skies began to clear.  I was full of energy and felt it would be a great opportunity to stretch the envelope and head as far down as Grotto Falls.  Along the way, there were already Thyme Leaved Bluets blooming.  Around Trillium Gap, spring beauties, trout lilies, and common blue violets carpeted the forest floor.  On this hike, I also experimented with listening to my ipod, which may have aided in my fast pace, especially the songs with faster beats.  I pulled into Grotto Falls in 1 hour and 15 minutes, and entertained the idea of going all the way to the Roaring Fork, but enjoying the moment took precedent.  For the first time ever, I had the entire falls to myself, thanks in part to the road closures.  It was a hot afternoon and it was nice to soak myself under the falls for a few seconds to cool off.  There were no people, no loud voices, no kids rock hopping against their parents will, just me and the sound of the falls.  I doubt I'll ever get such an opportunity again.

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